Use and valorization of organic fraction of municipal Solid waste in Colombia for sustainable development

Use and valorization of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste in Colombia for sustainable developmen

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José Alejandro Martínez S.



The Municipal So/id Waste has become a new target for the municipal government due to the negative consequences it may bring in case of inadequate management: diseases, pollution, etc. In Colombia, the most frequent action taken is the final disposa/ in /andfi/1, nevertheless, not al/ the so/id waste is real waste or unusable material: (a) the inorganic fraction that, due to no source separation, loses the possibility to be used and included in value chains, and (b) the organic fraction, which is produced during food processing in houses, restaurants and enterprises, has potential uses such as compost, which is the most traditional one, or new uses as matter for other processes  . This paper intends to explain two possibilities for the use and valorization of the Organic Fraction of Municipal So/id Waste (OF­ MSW), from the research results of two works in the Specialization in So/id Waste Management of the EAN University.



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