The bakhtinian concepts of ideology and dialogue as input to promote the development of ideas in academic literacy processes

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Héctor Manuel Serna Dimas


This theoretical essay works around the changing place of reading and writing, not only in the learning environments but in the society. It brings into consideration the development of ideas as an extremelly important resource when it comes to presenting reading and writing in these contexts. Such development can arise when Bakhtin's concepts around ideology (system of ideas) and dialogue become the guiding principles of any pedagogy that is interested in reading and writing processes.

This text addresses the different ideologies of the writing processes (traditional, cognitive expressivist, and socio-epistemic), and it concludes that the socio-epistemic posture expressed through the pedagogy of the writing genres responds better to the concepts of ideology and dialogue, being this one the most solvent to assume processes of reading and writing concerned with the development of ideas.

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